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Iowa FFA president proves you don’t have to be a farm kid

Source: KOMU.com

INTERVIEW: Iowa FFA President Elisa Russ

There’s always been this misconception floating around about students who participate in FFA. It’s that you must be a farm kid. Not true and Iowa’s FFA president is a prime example.

Elisa Russ grew up in Northeast Iowa and had no production Agriculture background.

“I didn’t grow up on a farm and I got my tie into FFA through my dad who is an Ag teacher. I wasn’t about joining FFA in middle school and my dad took the liberty of signing me up for it anyway. But once I got into it and saw the diversity that existed within Agriculture, I was in it from the get go and there was no turning back.”

Russ says this also might have to do with her major at Iowa State University. It’s Ag Education.

“Seeing the impact he left on his students was something I wanted in a future career. Through my time at Iowa State getting to observe teachers in the classroom, and as my time as a state office in FFA, just solidified the fact I wanted to be an Ag teacher.”

Russ is a junior at Iowa State University. She says those on the fence should “give it a shot.”

“There is definitely more than what meets the eye with FFA.” National FFA Week continues through Saturday.