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You’ve decided to do carbon-smart farming. Now what?

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We have been discussing opportunities in conservation farming and carbon-smart practices for quite some time. Many farmers are looking at what their options are for this growing season and beyond. Some of you may be getting the ball rolling this year for the first time. So, after doing all kinds of research and looking at carbon programs, you have decided to take the plunge and get started with a different approach to farming.

Now what?

Alyssa Cho is Sustainable Agriculture Field Manager for the Bayer Carbon Program. Her job is to train agronomists to be that support you need when you make your transition to carbon-smart agriculture. Bayer’s Carbon Program is incentivizing the switch to cover crops, no-till, and strip till practices. Cho adds that right now the voluntary carbon market is strong. Cho talks about how her job is to make sure that Bayer provides farmers all the support they need as they transition their practices.

Any transition in farming practice comes with risk and financial investment. When input prices are high, financial risks become even riskier. Cho talks about how Bayer helps support producers by helping navigate them towards resources to better analyze what will work for their operation, by helping them take advantage of financial benefits of changing practices and much more.

The Bayer Carbon Program is available to any farmer, not just Bayer customers. Anybody can have access to the assistance they are providing. All you have to do is sign up for a FieldView account. This helps them verify participation and the amount of carbon being sequestered.

Cho says that this another great opportunity for a new revenue stream on your farm. She encourages farmers to look at the program and see where Bayer can help you take advantage of the marketplace. Again, you do not have to be a Bayer customer to sign up. You can find more information here.