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Wyffels is excited for the 2022 growing season

Photo courtesy of Wyffels Hybrids

The combines are just beginning to roll in parts of Iowa. The 2021 growing season is almost wrapped up. However, the 2022 growing season has been moving for a few weeks now. Farmers are already getting inputs priced and booked, and some may be looking to shake things up when it comes to the hybrids they choose. Wyffels Hybrids is hoping to earn your business and has a competitive corn line for next season. They also want their existing customers to look at some varieties that might serve them better in the future. It’s all about having that conversation about your operation.

Dr. Brent Tharp is a Technical Product Manager with Wyffels Hybrids. He talked with us about what they are bringing to the table for customers in 2022. It includes eight new base genetics and 12 new hybrids to cover all the growing ranges in their market area. They would love to come to your farm and see what hybrids will work for you.

For Iowa, Tharp says that they are excited about hybrids W2016 98-day and 112-day 7416 and 7436 drought guard. Tharp says that Iowa was quite the proving ground for their drought guard technology. He also encourages farmers to be checking the stalk quality as they prepare to head into the fields.

Besides stalk quality, there are signs of tar spot in some Iowa fields. On the pest side, there is a large rootworm population out there as well. That is going to be thought about when you make plans for next year.

To learn more about Wyffels Hybrids, their history, their passion, and their future in your fields, visit their website.