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Wyffels Hybrids seed corn season in full swing

Photo by Ben Nuelle

The soil is drying out and farmers are itching to get into fields and harvest this year’s crops.

The seed corn industry is now harvesting the seed that farmers will plant for next year’s crop, and it is a very different process than hauling out huge volumes of golden grain. The care and handling of ears and kernels is more gentle because every 80,000 seeds become one unit for sale in the year ahead, at a value far above conventional corn.

Last week we were given a rare opportunity to tour a Wyffels Hybrids seed processing facility at peak season. Jacob Wyffels, Wyffels Hybrids production manager, took an hour of his long and busy day to walk me through the plant near Geneseo, Illinois. Travel along with us through the program below.

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Wyffels Hybrids is a family-owned seed company. Multiple generations work in all aspects of the company. They, like many other smaller companies, feel their customer care and consistent brand is gaining market share for them.

A big thanks to Jacob Wyffels and the staff for allowing our visit.