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Wyffels excited about their 2020 seed offerings

Photo courtesy of Wyffels Hybrids

While farmers are getting the equipment ready for the 2019 harvest, they are also making plans for the 2020 planting season. Wyffels hybrids wants you to know that if you aren’t satisfied with what you have been getting out of your cornfields, it is time to give their family-owned seed company a try.

Audio: Full Interview with John Wyffels

John Wyffels is the President of Wyffels Hybrids. He’s the third generation to be at the helm of this family seed business. Wyffels’ footprint in the Midwest has been growing steadily, and John feels 2020’s corn offerings will bring more of this growth.

2019, despite its challenges, was a very strong year for Wyffels. John attributes this success to their partnerships with the farmers in the Midwest. He says as a family-owned business, they are dedicated to the success of the family farmer and they don’t take that commitment lightly. Unlike some, Wyffels isn’t making their customers deal with new people who are part of conglomerates sometimes across the ocean.

John Wyffels says if you want the commitment of a multi-generational family operation in the corner of your multi-generational family operation, look at what they have to offer at their website, or find your local Wyffels seed rep.