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WI dairy farmer teaches her children the value of a dollar through showing

by Ben Nuelle LISTEN: money-matters-10-7-16

A Wisconsin dairy farmer says making sure her children understand the value of a dollar as well as putting their family and faith first is extremely important.

Courtney Booth is a dairy farmer from Northeast Wisconsin in near Plymouth.

“My husband and I have four children and our focus has been on faith, family and friends. In that, service to agriculture. My husband is a large animal veterinarian and I’ve been able to stay at home with our kids [to manage] our small dairy operation that focuses on genetics and development of red and white dairy cattle.”

Booth adds her husband and her started their operation to give their children opportunity to experience some of the things they were raised with.

“The genetics side interests us because we have an opportunity to provide our kids with an outlet for income from sales and merchandizing our animals but also they can look at an animal to find out where their strengths are and then choose a sire that best matches that to take our industry another level up.”

Booth adds her favorite part about World Dairy Expo is showcasing their family farm operation on the world stage.