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Why side-dressing pays off

Money Matters 6-12-17

Side-dressing nitrogen will be extremely important this year due to the excessive rains most of state had this spring.

While their corn begins to grow, farmers are determining if supplemental nitrogen is needed and figuring out how much they’ll use this year. Heavy rains a few weeks ago have diminished the available nitrogen in the soil for the upcoming growing season.

Loveland Products Regional Sales Manager Scott Lay says their product Accomplish, enhances nutrient availability.

“What we found through our several years of extensive testing, both at land-grant universities and other third-party trials, when we employ Accomplish with urea and ammonium nitrate, we are able to hold more nitrogen in a plant making it available in an ammonium nitrate form.”

Lay says they’ve seen as much as a 6-bushel increase and he adds, every penny counts these days.

“Positive net return is still the name of the game. We believe by utilizing Accomplish we are able to get that consistent return and more benefit from each dollar spent on additional nitrogen.”

Lay says this is a place not to cut costs.

“There are certainly instances where you need to scale back costs but one place where you don’t want to, is in making sure there is adequate fertility and nutrition in the corn crop to maximize existing yields.”

Loveland products produced a webinar on the importance of side-dressing nitrogen. Watch the video here.