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Where can farming go in the next 50 years?

Photo by Dustin Hoffmann

Yesterday, we talked about where farming has come in the past 50 years. Since Neil Armstrong landed on the moon, we have fed a hungry world which has doubled in population, and we did it with fewer acres and fewer inputs. Dr. Lowell Catlett also talked about where he saw agriculture going in the next 50 years.

Audio: Full Interview with Dr. Lowell Catlett

Dr. Catlett talked about “carbon farming”. Catlett says the next 50 years will be as much about farming below the surface as above it.

In keeping with the spirit of the Apollo program and space exploration, Dr. Catlett talks about how farmers will be making use of technology found on the Curiosity Mars Rover. Technology which NASA is using to look the red planet’s soil and identify the composition will be used by farmers to measure the impact they are having on soil so it can be corrected.

We don’t always think about the hand in hand usage of technology from space exploration with the technology of agriculture. The advancements we have made can truly stagger the mind. We are constantly learning how to farm better and do more. We keep striving to feed the world while trying to reduce the impact we have.

Audio: Dr. Lowell Catlett full talk at Wyffels Corn Strategy Meeting

Don’t be intimidated by what the future holds for agriculture. Somebody had to be the first to use a tractor, plow virgin soils, even use the first single seed hand seeder. Neil Armstrong made the small step, which became mankind’s giant leap. Remember, every giant leap we make in agriculture over the course of several decades starts as a small step year-to-year.