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When your neighbors are not your friends

Photo used with Permission of HD3 Farms of the Carolinas

Agriculture is at a crossroads. There is a lot of misinformation. There are a lot of decisions being made by people who do not know a thing about farming, which affect farmers. This came to a flashpoint in North Carolina last week.

Audio: Full Interview with Travis Brown HD3 FarmsĀ 

Last week in North Carolina a third hog farm operation had a huge settlement brought against them in a nuisance lawsuit. Travis Brown is an Assistant Operations Manager for HD3 Farms. He recaps what happened.

Brown says the lawsuit stems from an out of state lawyer coming to town to drum up people willing to file a nuisance lawsuit against these farms in hopes of multi-million-dollar paydays.

Some of the complaints stem from a time before HD3 Farms purchased the facility. Brown says when they purchased the facility, it needed to have some work done. He also says the work was done and it consistently received high ratings ever since.

We will continue our talk with Travis Brown tomorrow. Tomorrow will focus on how the trial went.