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When your neighbors are not your friends (Part 3)

Photo used with Permission of HD3 Farms of the Carolinas

We have been spending some time talking with Travis Brown, Assistant Operations Manager for HD3 Farms in North Carolina. Today, we conclude our discussion about their nuisance trial.

Audio: Full interview with Travis Brown, HD3 Farms

Brown says while some people might think going after farms who grow for Smithfield is a good way to make money and a way to hurt a large company, they’re really hurting the families whose livelihoods depend on their production. In the aftermath of the trial, all the hogs have been removed from their farm, which is money lost for employee’s families.

It isn’t just the farms who feel the pinch. Brown says it all trickles up.

Brown says this is just going to open a floodgate against agriculture all over the country.

Brown says since the trial has ended they have received more attention than they had during the trial. Brown says using an unfortunate situation to spread the word about what is happening is just making the best of a bad situation.

Remember this may have happened in North Carolina, but it could happen in Iowa or the rest of the U.S. just as easily.