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Wheat growers welcome actions on China trade

staff writer

U.S. Wheat Associates and the National Wheat Growers Association are happy to see two actions filed against China recently regarding its trade policies. The U.S. Trade Representative is challenging Chinese policies that distort the wheat markets, thereby harming wheat growers around the world. Both organizations say it’s important that the U.S. government take a strong stand on enforcing trade rules.

They say it’s crucial for building trust in existing and new trade agreements. The U.S Trade Representative filed the request for a consultation with the World Trade Organization this week.

The U.S. Trade Rep says China is not fairly administering its annual tariff rate quotas for commodities like corn, rice, and 9.64 million metric tons of wheat. The request says China unfairly makes it more difficult to export wheat into the country.

The request also asks the WTO to convene a panel for a hearing on the dispute it filed back in September against China’s excessive market price supports for corn, rice, and wheat.

“The fact is, these two actions go hand in hand, demonstrating how Chinese government policies create an unfair advantage for domestic wheat production,” said Gordon Stoner, president of the National Wheat Growers Association.