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What’s The Ending?

Wednesday March 1, 2017

He is before all things, and in Him all things hold together.        -Colossians 1:17

Believe it or not, I spend my Monday nights watching the Bachelor. Whoops. Sorry to disappoint you, but I’m hooked for the first time ever.

The hardest part of me watching this show is not looking up what girl Nick picks in the end. There are countless websites that have spoilers for people who can’t wait to see what happens.

So, far I have no idea who he picks. I’ve talked myself out of looking ahead numerous times. As I am typing this, I am literally fighting the temptation to not go look.

Don’t we fight this temptation regularly? How often do we find ourselves wanting to look ahead, wanting to see how it ends, want to see how God wraps up the situation?

If we could google and find out the ending to our problem we would be on that website in a heartbeat.

However, God does not intend us on looking to the end. He wants us to focus on the now.

I’m the type of person that needs answers for things. I need a reason, and I love knowing what’s coming ahead.

I literally just put something on my calendar the other day for November, and it’s only March.

There’s going to be an ending, and it’s all under the control of the who controls everything.

God wants us to stop looking so far ahead, that we miss what’s unfolding in the now.

Prayer: “God, thank you that you are the God of yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Help me to not want to fast forward my life, but to focus on what you’re doing currently. In your name I pray, Amen.”

-Whitney Flach