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What’s a cookbook? Consumers want on-demand options

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The landscape of food consumption is changing in the United States. Consumers want quick and easy options to fit a very busy lifestyle. Marketings of our food products have adapted to fill that role. However, the demand for “quick and easy” doesn’t end at the grocery store. It extends even to the kitchen.

Like me, many of you probably remember the shelf or stack of cookbooks in your mother’s or grandmother’s kitchens. Those holy grails that contained the instructions for our favorite dishes. And, if it was a family recipe, it was probably locked in a kitchen drawer so that nosey Mrs. Johnson down the street didn’t walk away with that prized dish for the church potluck.

Nowadays, the stacks of cookbooks are almost all gone. Even the handed down recipes have been digitized for safekeeping. That aside, even looking up a recipe in a digital format is becoming a thing of the past. Now, consumers want how-to videos and instructions from their Alexa. Pork Checkoff Marketing Communications Director Jason Menke says these tools are the norm now.

The pork checkoff is working with these streaming services to help get pork recipes into the hands of consumers quickly and easily. The more convenient it can be made for them to access these great pork recipes, the more they will choose pork at the meat counter.

For more information on the Pork Checkoff, log on to https://www.pork.org/.