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What will it take to get plants processing meat again?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

We recently received the news that there are plans to bring hog processing plants back online for the sole purpose of euthanizing the glut of hogs backing up in the supply chain. Of course, the ultimate goal is to get plants back up and running to process meat and keep the supply chain stocked.

President Trump’s use of the Defense Production Act labels meatpacking facilities as essential, and thus provides them more access to testing and protective equipment. However, there are workers who are scared to go back to work, workers who are sick, and plants that have employee shortages. How do you make it work?

There are a lot of pressures for plants to come back online, but how do they protect themselves and their workers? National Cattlemen’s Beef Association’s Ethan Lane says it is on the plants to step up and find a way.

Lane adds the newest directives from OSHA and the CDC are all voluntary. Those regulations do nothing to control what the workers do once they leave the workplace.

Lane says that President Trump’s executive order recognizes the need for healthy workers and that testing needs to happen to ensure their safety.

Lane concludes by saying this move by the President brings organization to an issue going on around the country. Rather than having various plans and no centralized coordination to help restore the national food chain. This gives U.S. Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue the authority to order protective gear and other needs to plants around the country as needed.