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What to watch in your late-planted corn

Photo Courtesy of Syngenta US

This crop year has been stressful throughout the country. Mother Nature has been throwing us knuckleballs all year long. I say knuckleballs because they are harder to hit than curveballs. We know the corn crop is behind in many areas. Having corn at this stage, this late in the game gives us new challenges.

The wet spring planting season was exacerbated by flooding in several regions, including here in Iowa. This going to cause a significant uptick in the need for fungicides. Derrick LeBeau is an Agronomic Service Representative for Syngenta. He talks about the disease pressure we will most likely encounter.

Of course, your fields may differ depending on any number of variables. LeBeau says using a fungicide product like Syngenta’s Trivapro can help you get the most return on your investment in corn protection.

You can talk to your local Syngenta retailer or go to NotAfraidToWork.com to learn more about Trivapro Fungicide.