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What to know for calving season

by Ben Nuelle

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Calving season is fast approaching for many producers. A veterinarian shares advice on how to keep those newborn baby calves healthy.

Dr. Brent Meyer is with Merck Animal Health.

He says there are a few things producers can do to keep calves healthy.

“First thing you want to start out with is nutrition on the cow/calf and heifer side. Make sure your body condition scores are where they need to be. Common things producers don’t remember to do is check their forages and rations to make sure the cows and heifers are getting what they need to have.”

Meyer says if they are not getting proper nutrition then calves developing inside won’t be healthy when they are born. Another is getting vaccines in the cows before they calve.

“Particularly for scours on the baby calves. Work with your veterinarian to get those scheduled into the cows and heifers so when the calves are born they get good colostrum and that is good head start on the calving season for next year’s calving crop.”

Meyer attended the National Association of Farm Broadcasters meeting in Kansas City in early November.