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What pressures can we expect in Iowa fields in 2021?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

“Immer etwas.”

For those of you who do not speak German, it means “Always Something.” That was a phrase you could commonly hear my grandfather and my father use in their lives. That was about as calm of a response as you got on the farm when something went wrong.

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The truth is farming is always something different. Year after year, we face something we did not expect at the start. Farmers try to prepare as best they can to be ready for anything the year throws at them. Some of these changes are out of our control. However, Syngenta wants to remind farmers that there are many variables you can control. So, why not control them?

Adam Mayer is a Golden Harvest Agronomist who covers the Northeast section of Iowa and Southeastern Minnesota. He talks about some of the challenges that farmers could face across the state of Iowa. With the cooler temps for an early spring plant, disease pressure will be a force you may have to reckon with.

Those diseases can include Sudden Death Syndrome (SDS) in soybeans, and Rhizoctonia in corn. Mayer talks about products available from Syngenta to manage these issues.

Mayer says going into 2021, the abnormally dry conditions have him most concerned about weed pressure. Especially in the western part of the state. Pre-emerge weed control needs moisture to be most effective, and dry conditions could lend themselves to more weed escapes. Farmers need to be ready with post-emerge products to clean that up.

Insects are also going to be a concern in 2021. Mayer expects Corn Rootworm to be the main concern in Iowa fields this year. The dry winter allowed them to hatch their larvae in deeper soils, which is more protected from the winter freeze. This means there could be increased populations.

To learn more about Golden Harvest products visit their website or talk with your local seed rep. For Syngenta crop protection products, see your local Syngenta retailer and see their full list of products here.