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What if you could add nitrogen year-round?

Photo by Dustin Hoffmann

Nitrogen. It is one of those essential elements we need to help grow a fantastic corn crop. However, it is one of those things we cannot always get to our plants exactly when they need it. What if I told you it is now possible?

Getting nitrogen to corn can be a challenge. Pre-planting applications and side-dressing are two common methods. But, when the corn is over 6 feet tall and needs another dose, the options are few and high-priced.

Pivot Bio is at the World Food Prize to talk about a microbe they have developed for the 2019 growing season. This microbe could solve your nitrogen problems. Karsten Temme explains.

Temme explains by adding the microbe at planting, you can ensure it becomes symbiotic with the corn. This allows it to provide nitrogen, taken naturally from the air and environment, and feed it to the plant every day.

For more information log on to the Pivot Bio Website. To see the full interview with Karsten Temme, click here.