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What does it take to develop a new market?

Photo Courtesy of U.S. Grains Council

Last week, we heard from the U.S. Grains Council (USGC) on work they are doing to develop a feed market in Africa, by helping the farmers boost their poultry operations. This week, we learn about the work which is done, behind the scenes, to take an emerging market to the next step.

When developing a new export market overseas, there are a series of steps to get the ball rolling. This includes identifying any tariff and non-tariff barriers. We hear from USGC Director of Trade Policy and Biotechnology, Floyd Gaibler.

The USGC invites prospective customers and government regulators to the United States to see our product chain in action. This also gives new partners a chance to meet with U.S. officials. Gaibler says these types of meetings can help soften tariff barriers.

Once these barriers are identified, the USGC quantifies the information and shares it with the United States Department of Agriculture, the U.S. Trade Representative, and even embassies. Gaibler says the USGC has even gone so far as to work with the U.S. government in the World Trade Organization.

Gaibler also discusses the importance of developing these new markets for the agriculture industry.

Developing a new market is no easy task. There are many discussions and meetings held in the background before any agreements are even talked about publicly. The USGC is proud to be on the frontlines in helping develop Ag trade avenues.