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What challenges face Iowa’s soybean growers in 2021?

Photo courtesy of BASF

We all know that the challenges of the year before can have an impact on the challenges in the growing years to come. Whether it is pests, disease, or weed pressure, there is always some kind of curveball being thrown at producers. Farmers need to be aware of these possibilities and have a game plan ready to go, just in case.

Audio: Full Interview with Mark Storr of BASF

Mark Storr is a Technical Services Representative for BASF and is located near Nevada, Iowa. He says that many of the farmers he knows are chomping at the bit and getting ready to go. Mother Nature seems to be doing what she can to get the fields dried out and ready to plant.

The unseasonably warmer and drier patterns may give farmers an early start, but it also gives weeds an early start. Storr says that he has already seen weeds starting to green up. That means it is time to start your weed control plans.

Storr says that having an early-season plan will help you get a jumpstart on getting these weeds before they get you. One BASF product that he suggests is Sharpen®.

Knowing when to start your weed control plan is key. Storr says that you need to be timing your early-season applications according to weed height. The longer you let the weeds grow, the more product you are going to need to get control of your fields.

Storr says the key to being successful is knowing your weed spectrum, having a plan, using multiple modes of action, and especially keeping track of the weather and taking advantage of any edge that Mother Nature gives you.

For more information on Sharpen® or any other BASF products, visit your local BASF retailer, or check out the BASF website.