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What challenges are on the horizon for 2023?

Photo Courtesy of Erin Hodgson, Iowa State University Extension and Outreach

We have talked about the drought situation here in Iowa til our voices are as dry as some of the ground in the state. So, we aren’t going to focus a lot on that topic. However, just like with a wet year or a normal year, droughts set us up for problems in the year to come.

With corn and soybeans all but completely harvested in the state, our attention Is fully on what could be coming next year. Even when we take our best guess from the data we have now, it is still no guarantee that things won’t change before we are ready to put 2023’s crop into the ground.

We are visiting again today with Ron Beyer, Agronomist for Golden Harvest. He tells us what his crystal ball is showing for challenges next year, based off of current data and trends. He is obviously concerned about the moisture levels in the subsoil, and what farmers need to know when they get ready to plant.

As far as diseases in corn, Beyer is keeping a close eye on the continued spread of Tar Spot around the state.

For soybeans, Beyer says Gall Midge will likely be 2023’s thorn in our side. As of right now, there is no consistent weapon to fight off this pest. The best thing you can do is try to minimize your risk factors. Golden Harvest is working with Iowa State University on finding a solution.

Learn more about Golden Harvest Agronomy information through their website.