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What benefits does TPP offer soybean farmers?

Photo by Don O'Brien.

by Ben Nuelle

The American Soybean Association President hopes the Trans Pacific Partnership will get passed by congress sooner rather than later.

Richard Wilkins is President of the American Soybean Association. He says TPP offers many opportunities for Soybean farmers.

“The Transpacific Partnership has a great deal of importance to soybean farmers. Not just to get greater market access for our soybean complex products but meat, poultry, and dairy complex products that our soybean meal is used for here in our domestic market.”

Chandler Goule with the National Farmers Union says TPP is based off of failed framework since NAFTA.

“You look when NAFTA was signed, Mexico devalued their peso and we lost all that production and manufacturing went down there. Korea was signed. They devalued their currency and we lost all of the gains we made in the pork industry and now we have TPP which has no teeth or any type of parameters around currency manipulation and you have three of world’s largest currency manipulators in the agreement. Japan, Vietnam and Malaysia.”

Many are still skeptical TPP will make it through congress before Obama leaves office.