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Weekend Ag Matters “A New Year Dawning”

Arlan Suderman, predictor of the future for INTL-FCStone, is our guest for this almost all business program.  He projects corn and soybean acreage for the coming year and touches on the need for meat protein in China.  Very interesting!

Anna has decided to become an entomologist and this week talks about Soybean Cyst Nematodes.  She compares the problem to High Blood Pressure.

Dustin is calm as he examines the reality of current and future trade with China.  The flower is still unfolding and you can see if his insight matches up with this week’s reality in trade talks in Beijing.

Ken can’t resist playing another of George McGargill’s ballads:  “All Hat, No Cattle”  which is the guy we don’t want to be.