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Weather may affect Dicamba usage

Photo Courtesy of Growmark

It is no secret we are behind schedule. Just look at the latest crop progress report, and you can see just how far we are lagging. As we look at state and federal guidelines for Dicamba applications, we may be trying to thread a camel through the eye of a needle.

Unlike some states, Iowa has no calendar deadline for applying Dicamba. The rules just state it cannot be above 85 degrees and must be done one hour after sunrise and two hours prior to sunset. However, we have had a year which is anything but normal.

Producers also have 45 days after planting to get dicamba applied. With the unusually wet spring we have been having, this means we could be seeing some late-season applications of Dicamba in Iowa. Growmark FS’s Jeff Bunting says you may want to look at getting those Dicamba applications on as soon as possible. This is of greater importance in states which have calendar cutoffs for application.

Bunting says producers may need to get a little creative with their application options.

Bunting says farmers still need to use Dicamba to treat stubborn weeds, no matter the weather.

However, you may want to talk with your crop advisors to make sure you have a solid “Plan B”.