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Northey: We need more long term funding for water quality

by Ben Nuelle

Tim Benton grows corn and soybeans in Dallas County.

He uses conservation practices on his farm to leave the land better than he found it.

“I’ve always been sensitive to conservation. As I’ve grown older, it has become more of I wouldn’t say a passion but have a substantial interest in it. As you gain more knowledge about land and topography and what can be the best solution for your individual property, you just do things a little better and as I get older I have more resources to execute that strategy.”

Iowa Secretary of Agriculture Bill Northey says the state has made great momentum funding water quality efforts.

“We’ve been committed to [water quality] funding since the beginning, four years ago. We’ve seen funding in the countryside ratchet up. Farmers match the cost-share dollars and a lot of urban areas engaging. We see a lot of partnerships and a lot of other groups joining the effort. I think to continue that momentum it’s important to make additional state investments and some long term committed investments.”

The state capitol hosted Conservation Day Tuesday in Des Moines.