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Waterhemp and knowing when to spray

by Ben Nulle Listen: World of Agriculture 7-18-16

Waterhemp is one of Soybeans worst enemies.

A Bayer technical service representative looks at waterhemp problems this year verses years prior.

Mike Weber is a technical service rep for Bayer Crop Science.

He says the biggest reason why Water hemp got away from growers this year is lack of rainfall.

“Water hemp for soil residual herbicides you should spray as close to planting as you can. Because of that you want that length of residual to be maximized in the crop itself. Typically most of the soybean residuals are anywhere from four to six weeks residual activity depending on their rate and how much weed seed bank we have in some of these fields.”

Bayer hosted their annual Bayer Showcase Plot Tour in Indianola last week.