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Warm Weather Worries Fruit Growers

Fruit growers in the Midwest and Northeast are worried as warmer weather is causing their trees to flower early.

Bloomberg says it means several weeks of worry for farmers as the potential is there for a hard freeze to move in and kill the flowers on their trees.

Spring-like temperatures are causing trees to bloom from Michigan out to New York and New Jersey.

Cold air is lingering in Canada and northern New England, not too far from some orchards.

Long-term averages show freezing temperatures are possible from late April to mid-May.

If frost moves in to kill the flowers on the trees they can’t bear any fruit.

Mark Longstroth, is an Extension Fruit Educator at Michigan State University and says, “Fruit growers are afraid the crops are developing too early and will get hit with a freeze.”

He says growers would be happy for cooler temps to slow down the growing season.

“There’s still several feet of snow on the ground in New England and a lot of cold air in Canada,” says New Jersey State Climatologist David Robinson. “All that has to happen is for it to break through for a night or two and that can ruin a season.”