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War of words escalating over border security and shutdown

Photo by Dustin Hoffmann

We have reached the three-week mark in the government shut down. If you are scoring at home, Saturday is a benchmark. As of Saturday, we have the longest shutdown in history. If you are listening to the war of words, there is no hope for this to end anytime soon.

The government shutdown is still being fueled over disagreements about border security and a border wall. President Trump stated he has the legal authority to authorize the wall and funding himself. He stated they, meaning Republicans, will get the win or a compromise.

In the Senate, arguments are heating up. Republicans who control the Senate say there will be no action on House-passed spending bills. This has drawn the ire of Senate Democrats such as Maryland’s Ben Cardin. Cardin says America is being held hostage by the President.

Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell says Democrats are guilty of “flip-flopping”. McConnell says Democratic leaders are only balking at border security and a wall because President Trump is in the White House. McConnell said Democrats had no problem supporting the idea when President Obama was the Chief Executive.

Right now, 800,000 federal employees remain furloughed. They are not getting a paycheck even though they are still receiving their monthly bills. If they are hoping for a speedy resolution to this impasse, they may not want to hold their breath.