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Vomitoxin found in Canadian corn fields

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Just like in the United States, Canada is going full force in their harvest. Corn is grown in abundance in southern Ontario. Results from the region are showing excellent bushel yields. However, there is a big problem with a portion of the corn crop, and the problem is vomitoxin.

Vomitoxin has been found in an area of southwest Ontario. Many elevators will not accept the grain if it is found to be over eight parts per million or less. Those who are accepting it, are docking as much as $1.50 per bushel. This is a dockage which producers cannot afford.

Dan Kabbes of Great Lakes Grain says they are seeing vomitoxin numbers which are almost unbelievable.

Livestock producers will not take it. Cattle and poultry can handle small levels, but hogs cannot. Ethanol plants are refusing the corn because dry distiller’s grains are a byproduct they sell as animal feed.

Canadian growers really need cold and dry weather to stop the spread of vomitoxin, but the weather forecast is not cooperating.