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Vilsack shares highlights from April trip to Vietnam

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by Ben Nuelle

Vietnam is one of the fastest growing markets for U.S. Agriculture products.

Just 15 years ago, Vietnam was number 50 in rankings of agriculture export customers and now it’s number 11. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack visited Vietnam the last week of April. Secretary Vilsack says a variety of issues came up on his trip.

“[We] focused on the aging nation of our farming population and the concern we have about the next generation of farmers. [We also] discussed climate change and its impact on agriculture production and steps we as developed nations should take to encourage less emissions and greater adaptation and mitigation to a changing climate in agriculture.”

Vilsack says he also visited Japan, where the Trans Pacific Partnership was brought up.

“The Trans Pacific Partnership was a discussion I had in bilateral meetings. I had a chance to meet with the Minister of Japan. We talked about the importance of the Trans Pacific Partnership the ability of markets particularly in the growing Asian market to open up both to Japanese and American products.”

The TPP agreement has not been approved yet by the U.S. congress.

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