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Venture capitalist says Trump will increase GDP growth

Source: Wikimedia Commons

by Ben Nuelle

A venture capitalist says the Gross Domestic Product needs to increase four percent for entrepreneurs thrive. He thinks a Trump Administration will help.

According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, the GDP increased at a rate of 3.2 percent during the third quarter of 2016.

Carter Williams is CEO of iSelect, a venture capital firm based in St. Louis.

He says this country ran about three to four percent GDP in the 50s and 60s because there were people innovating in every state of the union.

Williams adds it can work today too.

“I was just down in DC and would say I met with people on the Trump team. They are some of the smartest people I have ever ran into so don’t get confused about what is going on. The thing I am really intrigued about Trump is that when he dug into the Carrier thing, he is willing to fight the issue. The subtlety with Carrier is that he is going after regulation.”

Williams says what’s holding back entrepreneurs is various forms of regulations.

“They want to build a product and all of sudden they have to follow 400 different rules. My sense from what I have seen on the inside, is that Trump is really going to push hard on that. When everyone else isn’t paying attention, Trump is going to say ‘look here, look at this guy here we need to fix this’ and take all the naysayers and swat them away.”

Williams spoke at the Van Trump Conference in Kansas City Wednesday. Kevin Van Trump offers marketing and investment advice.

President-Elect Donald Trump is scheduled to speak at a rally at 7:00pm Thursday in Des Moines as part of his “Thank You” tour.