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Valent’s Fierce line is controlling water hemp

Photo Courtesy of Valent USA

Water hemp can be a son of a gun. That’s probably the most delicate way of putting it. It has tested some of the best herbicide products out there. Farmers have told me if you are really quiet, you can sometimes hear it laughing at you. Valent says, “no more”.

Audio: Full Interview with Mike T. of Valent 

Valent is touting its Fierce line of herbicides. These include Fierce, Fierce XLT, and Fierce MTZ which offers three modes of action against water hemp. Valent’s Mike T. tells us about how Fierce came to be.

You may be saying this is all fine and good, but what will this product do in Iowa? Mike T. says Iowa has had good results.

Water Hemp is the biggest challenge to the Dicamba program. Mike T. says Fierce can give you that jump on water hemp before it is too late.