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Valent U.S.A. introduces new postemergence residual herbicide

Photo courtesy of Valent U.S.A.

Farmers and ranchers have acquired a new means to control annual broadleaves and grasses in soybeans and corn.

Valent U.S.A. introduced Perpetuo, a new postemergence residual herbicide, at Commodity Classic in San Antonio, Texas. Perpetuo aims to protect crop investments, as growers face increasing weed pressures, says Joe Short, crop marketing manager for Valent U.S.A.

“One of the driving issues of waterhemp is high seed population, but we’re (also) talking about a late emerging weed,” Short said. “Even if you’re using a solid pre-residual product upfront, that residual is starting to run out as waterhemp is emerging in the field. There’s a continued need for growers to use a post, overlapping residual. That’s what Perpetuo is coming for.”

Valent U.S.A. recommends taking a systems approach to weed management, especially when it comes to weeds with longer germination windows, such as Palmer amaranth and waterhemp. 

“Leading with a pre-residual application at planting is key. That is the foundation for your weed control program. (Then) as you get eight weeks out and have cleanup issues, use a product like Perpetuo. That’s going to give you control of weeds that have emerged and residual up to canopy,” Short said.

Perpetuo compliments Valent U.S.A.’s existing herbicide portfolio, which features Fierce and Valor, preemergence residual herbicides.