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Utilizing tools from AGI SureTrack

Photo by AGI SureTrack

AGI SureTrack continues to develop new tools and data technology to help farmers.

John Lawrence, territory sales manager for AGI SureTrack, says they are the only business tool available for farmers that brings together a suite of sensors – from the field to the bin – enabling complete farm management with real-time field activity data, market-leading grain handling, storage, and conditioning equipment.

“We continue to expand,” Lawrence said. “Even in these challenging times of grain marketing and commodity pricing, it’s more and more important that we manage the grain inside the bin so that we have the highest quality product to sell to the marketplace. We’ve been expanding and growing ever since. What we’re doing is bringing on more electronic solutions to our customer base.”

AGI SureTrack is a hardware and software platform that includes trusted solutions for bin monitoring, automated grain conditioning, soil probes, and weather stations. It is an independent platform that provides a system of record and a system to operate for your business.

“We have a very user-friendly platform that our customers login under their own username and password,” Lawrence said. “From there, we’re building out more tools for them to work with as far as connecting with markets, identifying who would be interested in the quality they are putting into the grain, and the quality they are storing the grain in. We’re offering more and more to our customers on an electronic basis. It all centers around the proper storage of the grain.”

Lawrence says data is integrated seamlessly into SureTrack. By adding Farmobile PUC™ devices to your equipment, you gain robust data collection for all activity including as-planted, as-applied, and as-harvested.

For more information, visit AGI SureTrack’s website. Listen to Lawrence’s full interview by clicking on the audio file below.