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Utilizing the FS Agri-Finance program

Photo courtesy of GROWMARK and the FS System

GROWMARK and the FS System are dedicated to helping farmers get the best return on each crop investment they make.

Financing plays a significant role in a producers’ ROI. The FS Agri-Finance program provides agronomically, environmentally and economically sound crop recommendations on a site-specific basis.

Scott Hansch is senior region manager for FS Agri-Finance. He says the program supplies an operating line of credit that finances all the quality FS products and services you already use in your crop production cycle: seed, fertilizer, crop protection products, custom application services, precision farming, scouting, fuel and other energy products, propane, grain bins and grain system equipment.

“To get your best return it starts with a good foundation,” Hansch said. “It’s buying those quality inputs that GROWMARK and the FS System is really known for. For example, our high soy seed InVISION Seed. On the energy side, DieselexGold fuel. It’s starting with the quality base products, aligning yourself with a salesperson at your local FS Cooperative that you are comfortable with and can build a longstanding relationship with, and then from there we can use tools like FS Agri-Finance to really help the customer become more profitable.”

GROWMARK and the FS System takes a straight-forward approach to operational financing with time and money saving benefits including no hidden financing fees or charges, no penalties for early repayment, competitive rate structures, increasing your operation’s liquidity to effectively utilize cash flow, and the arrangement of next year’s financing needs before the current year loan is repaid.

Hansch says farmers and ranchers can access the FS Agri-Finanace Payment Portal to make payments online, view transaction history and statements, and quote a payoff.

“When it comes to paying off your Agri-Finance loan, there is the traditional manner. You can send in a check to your local FS location or stick it into the mail,” Hansch said. “Or, you can use our payment portal which is called MyAgriLoan.com. For the first time the customer logs into MyAgriLoan, you register as a new user. Once you’ve done that, you can go in there at any time and see purchases that have been applied to your Agri-Finance loan and pay that loan down or pay it off at any time. Another feature is the myFS Solution Center. You can login there and there is a link to MyAgriLoan.”

Hansch notes that when you finance through FS, you work with leading agriculture professionals that understand the cyclical nature of production agriculture, and who know that each farming operation is different. For more information on the FS Agri-Finance program, click here.

We recently spoke with Hansch over a Zoom video interview, which is available below for your viewing.