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USMCA: “Work is not done”

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Elected leaders pushed a trade agreement forward. Many farm organizations view this as step in the right direction. However, more work lies ahead.

The U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement yesterday inched closer to the finish line. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced White House officials and House Democrats reached a deal on the agreement, which now heads to the House and Senate for passage. 

National Corn Grower’s Association (NCGA) members ask both chambers to “finish the job.” Kevin Ross, Iowa corn farmer and NCGA president, says passage of the agreement would provide certainty to United States agriculture.

“(We) appreciate the Speaker mentioning that she’s going to bring this forward to a vote in the House. We’ve certainly been pushing for that for quite a while and are glad to hear that news. But, work’s not done. We need people to call their Congressmen and women, and make sure they are voting for this in a positive way and moving this forward for the citizens of the U.S. and certainly the Ag industry,” Ross said.

Ross adds, “This agreement protects and improves access to America’s top trading partners” among other things.

“Mexico is the number one export market for U.S. corn, so just bringing certainty back into the marketplace and making sure we know what kind of playing we have for the future of trade with Mexico and Canada is key. Two major markets for us when it comes to direct corn exports certainly into Mexico, but a potential market for ethanol, and Canada being a good market for that as well. Also, the other major impact that the meat industry has and the trade that goes on there in those countries, that’s a big thing for us as well.”