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USDA projects strong red meat, poultry exports

Source: Carnivore Style (https://carnivorestyle.com/)

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) is projecting red meat and poultry exports to rise steadily over the next decade in spite of a strong U.S. dollar.

Meatingplace says steady global economic growth will drive foreign demand from the United States market.

After dropping in the early part of this decade, beef exports should begin to rise slowly again. Despite the modest export growth, the U.S. share of global exports will likely decline. China is expected to bump the U.S. from the top spot as the largest beef importer over the second half of the upcoming decade.

U.S. pork exports are projected to grow faster than beef exports and stay on par with poultry, although poultry will likely slow during the second half of the next decade. Production efficiency gains continue to enhance the pork sector’s international competitiveness. The U.S. will remain the second-largest pork exporter, just behind the European Union.

Poultry exports will grow over the next decade, although slower in the second half. Export growth is faster in the first half of the period thanks to the continued recovery from the 2015 avian influenza outbreak. American will remain the second-largest poultry exporter behind Brazil.