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USDA invests $33 million to improve water quality

Photo courtesy of the Natural Rescources Conservation Service (NRCS)

by staff writer

The Department of Agriculture Tuesday announced an investment of more than $33 million in 197 high-priority watersheds across the country. The funding is aimed at helping landowners improve water quality through the Natural Resource Conservation Service’s National Water Quality Initiative.

USDA says the program helps farmers and ranchers implement voluntary conservation practices to protect and improve water quality. Conservation practices enhance agricultural productivity and profitability while also improving water quality by enhancing soil health and optimizing the use of agricultural inputs, according to USDA.

This year, NRCS added 42 new watersheds to the initiative and selected 21 watersheds for new assessment projects. Find more information about the program online at NRCS dot USDA dot gov (www.nrcs.usda.gov).