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USDA conducts African trade trip

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Even though many of the economies of the world are struggling through some tough times due to inflation and even the possibility of a recession, we still have seen a shift in how the economies of the world have developed. Before the coronavirus and the economic downturn we have been seeing happen, we were starting to see the rise of the middle class in places like Africa. More countries were starting to move into an economy that allowed them to buy more than just the bare essentials to survive. It opened up a chance for agricultural growth and also for consumers to have access to goods they never had access to before.

Because of this recent economic boom in Africa, The United States and many other countries are working harder to establish better trade relations with the continent. The United States Department of Agriculture Deputy AG Secretary Dr. Jewell Bronaugh recently held a trade mission to Kenya, Tanzania, and Zanzibar on the African continent. Bronaugh said that it was all about trying to find ways to expand markets and grow new markets for American commodities.

Some of the optimism in this trade trip stands from the government of Kenya relaxing restrictions on genetically engineered products which means it can help boost their sustainable and economic growth.

Tanzania is starting to become a developing market for American consumer goods and agricultural products. While the country usually deals with the European Union, its new government is starting to look elsewhere to find some of its foodstuffs and goods.

Even though the economies of the globe are facing a little bit of a negative situation, we are seeing that growth in the African economies looking to stay for the long term. This means better access for our grains and our protein products. These trade trips are helping support the work being done by many agricultural organizations to help the people of Africa learn how to do their own production work and become less reliant on everybody else. This also lends us the ability to be a strong partner for them and their economic future. Someone that comes in and helps them establish production, is usually a good partner in trade.