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United Soybean Board growing demand at home and abroad

Source: Wikimedia Commons

We spend so much time focusing on trade wars, soybean supplies, and prices, we sometimes forget to focus on the positive things happening in the soybean industry. I felt it was high time we revisited the positives so far in 2019.

Audio: Full Interview with David Iverson of United Soybean Board 

David Iverson of the United Soybean Board says the trade situation in the United States is giving the United Soybean Board an opportunity to grow existing markets and cultivate new trade partners.

Iverson says the trick isn’t just to expand soybean consumption internationally, but here at home as well. Iverson talks about how animal agriculture is a strong partner, and there are ways this partnership continues to grow.

Iverson says the message to our trading partners is simple. You can get soybeans from many suppliers, but the United States grows high-quality beans in a sustainable manner.

Learn more about the United Soybean Board on their website.