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Understanding your crop nutrition needs is key for 2022

The 2021 harvest is well underway, but the thoughts are already on planning 2022. While you are looking at the data from how the crops have produced and making your plans for next year’s seed, you should also look at your nutrient plan from this year and years in the past to see if you want to make adjustments there as well.

AUDIO: Full Interview with AgroLiquid Agronomist Reid Abbot

Reid Abbot is an agronomist with AgroLiquid. He says that the volatility and availability issues we saw for fertilizers at the beginning of this year, will probably stay with us in 2022. He says that many farmers are looking at trying to get those inputs in early to avoid any future uncertainty.

In the digital age, we are gathering more and more data from our fields. Many times, it can be overwhelming. Abbot says it is important to analyze fall soil samples and yield data to help weigh in on your nutrient program. AgroLiquid is also working one-on-one with producers on how they can make your fields be more productive.

Abbot says you also must find a balance between your N, P, & K, and your micronutrients. It is a balanced approach to a total nutrient program.

Abbot talks about the AgroLiquid line of products that can help you find that balance.

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