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Uncertainty is about the only thing we know for certain

Photo courtesy of CME Group

As we are about a month away from flipping over the calendar to 2020, I am reminded of a year ago when we were equally excited to turn over to 2019. We all thought certainly 2019 had to be an improvement, and now know that it really wasn’t. Uncertainty had marred the past two growing years in agriculture. What do we have to look forward to in 2020?

Susan Sutherland is with the CME group. We talked about the loops we were thrown for in the past two years. Sutherland commented as we go into 2020, the only thing we have any certainty about is uncertainty. She says CME will continue to help their clients manage their risks.

Sutherland says if farmers can really look at the lessons they learned these past few years, they can be better prepared to adapt to any curveballs thrown at them. Work with your advisors to know when you need to take advantage of the market when the opportunity presents itself.

Sutherland says producers need to be familiar with all the tools available to them to make the most in a rocky marketplace.