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U.S. sorghum growers fear China’s actions

Photo Courtesy of the National Sorghum Producers

As the United States awaits Chinese retaliation against tariffs on imported steel and aluminum, we look to an example in the grain sector of what can happen if a country chooses to restricts imports.

It is not corn, but grain sorghum – a southwest cousin that was the darling of Chinese purchases a few years ago partly because it was non-GMO. China recently decided to investigate whether U.S. grain sorghum is being dumped into the Chinese market.

This action may serve as a warning to the corn industry. Right now, it is a reality for sorghum growers. I caught up with Tim Lust, chief executive officer of the National Sorghum Producers, at Commodity Classic 2018.

Lust talks about the blowback of restriction on United States grains sold to China.

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