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Two Food Resource Bank organizers receive humanitarian award

by Ben Nuelle LISTEN: world-of-agriculture-9-27-16

Two Food Resource Bank organizers receive Robert D. Ray SHARES Humanitarian Award.

President of the World Food Prize, Ambassador Kenneth Quinn, says the Robert D. Ray SHARES Humanitarian award went to two people who helped build the Iowa Food Resource Bank program. The Food Resource Bank program links U.S. ag producers directly to small-holder farmers around the world. One recipient of the SHARES Humanitarian Award is Reverend Joan Fumetti.

“I just want to say I don’t feel like I have done anything on my own in FRB. I call it a global community of possibility and that’s what it is. This honors this incredible network of people around the world from so many different positions and so many different places.”

The other recipient is Ron De Weerd.

“Even though it is a personal or individual award, it just doesn’t seem possible to even have an acceptance of that award if it hadn’t been for the Food Resource Bank. Joan mentioned the volunteers. You can always find them in a room. They have little halos and wings on their shoulders…I really say thank you to the thousands of farmers and members at FRB and the many organizations that helped us get going.”

Some of those organizations include: John Deere, DuPont Pioneer, Monsanto Foundation, and UPS Foundation to name a few.

Fumetti and De Weerd will receive their awards at the Iowa Hunger Summit October 10th.

The awards were announced Monday in honor of Governor Robert D. Ray’s 88th birthday.