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Monday June 5, 2017

Have you ever seen a Tsunami? Yeah, me neither.

The arrival of grace was a Tsunami that changed eternity, reshaped religion, and redefined everything-forever.

Jesus redeeming death and resurrection unleashed a torrent of undeserved love and grace.

Grace saturates the globe.

God didn’t come to our dry, grace-starved hearts like a gardener with a little bucket to trickle some water on us. No, God turned an irrigation hose of grace onto our dry souls and drenches us. He drenched us so thoroughly that his living water reached the very roots of our beings and it was so strong it almost ripped them from their roots.

His love was fierce, overwhelming, destiny defining. And in that moment when God floods our souls, everything changes forever.

Grace accepts us as we are but is too powerful and to trans-formative to us as we are.

When we keep grace at arms length religion will always deconstruct into duty motivation by obligation.


-Whitney Flach