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Trying to find positives in a challenging market

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We are constantly trying to find a silver lining in this pandemic. Whether it is people pulling together, 4-H kids sewing masks, or whatever the case may be. Agriculture is struggling to find anything positive in the light of low commodity prices and hogs having to be euthanized. However, somebody in the trade arena is trying to show us where we can find them.

Benjamin Kasch is an account executive for Bower Trading. He says COVID-19 has made things even more difficult in a market that was already taking its lumps.

One thing to remember is we are not the only ones around the globe facing this pandemic. It is affecting producers all over the world.

Producers need to remember this is typically a slow time of the year for American markets, so if you are going to have a downturn from a pandemic, now would be the time. You are not affecting the higher end market periods. Considering there are some weather challenges in the United States, we could see some higher prices.

There are also non-COVID weather concerns around the globe that could stabilize markets and even push them higher.

Kasch says there are bullish signs out there, you just have to keep looking for them.