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Trump tells Canada he wants “fair” NAFTA

President Donald Trump told Canada he wants a fair North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).

Speaking to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau this week, Trump said he supported an agreement “fair to all three countries,” adding the current deal leaves the United States with a trade deficit, according to Politico. The conversation came shortly after President Trump attacked Canada and Mexico, two of the country’s top international trading partners. Canada says Trudeau also highlighted his concerns over Trump’s proposed aluminum and steel tariffs.

Taking to Twitter earlier this week, Trump said the tariffs would “come off” if a new and fair NAFTA agreement is signed, adding that Canada must also “treat our farmers much better.”

The NAFTA negotiations have a deadline of March 31st, before the Mexican presidential election in July and the United States midterm elections in November. However, the talks can and will continue past that date.