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Transportation headaches continue for grain shippers

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While the Mississippi River did raise a little thanks to some rains in the past week, it hasn’t been enough to return us to regular shipping volumes. Combine that with high diesel prices and a looming railroad strike, we are in a pickle as we are in the busy season for grain movement in the United States. Harvest always means increased grain shipment traffic around the country. Right now, things aren’t looking much better than before.

Andrew Walmsley is the Senior Director of Government Affairs for the American Farm Bureau Federation. He talks about the bind producers are going to be finding themselves in if they aren’t in the bind already.

Walmsley says that unlike weather conditions on the river and fuel prices out of our control, the impending railroad strike is something that is well within the scope of control.

Walmsley says the AFBF is continuing to be proactive. Members are officials are engaging with lawmakers to send a message during this crucial time.