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Tis the season for agricultural surveys

AUDIO: Joe Prusacki, NASS National Operations Director

The National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) asks producers to complete two surveys.

The service sends out the Quarterly Hogs/Pigs and December Agricultural surveys. Eight-thousand farm operators will receive the Quarterly Hogs/Pigs survey while eighty-thousand farm operators will receive the December Agricultural survey.

Joe Prusacki serves as National Operations Director for NASS. Prusacki says the Quarterly Hogs/Pigs survey will provide a current, as well as future outlook of the hog market.

“The survey will give us a snapshot of the inventory of hogs and pigs in the United States. It (also) gives us a snapshot of what’s coming down the pipe – how many sows will farrow, what’s the projected pig crop,” Prusacki said. “It’s an important report, as it helps with future supply of hogs.”

USDA NASS will publish Quarterly Hog/Pig survey results a few days before Christmas. The service will publish December Agricultural survey results January 12, 2018. Prusacki says the December Agricultural survey contains many different components, all of which provide useful insight.

“The survey is the end of year acreage/yield production survey for spring-planted crops. The survey is a chance for farmers to share their actual yield and production,” Prusacki said. “Another piece of the survey is On-Farm Grain Stocks, so we’ll get an idea of how much grain is being stored as of December 1. There’s (also) an Off-Farm portion, giving a snapshot of beginning stocks.”

USDA NASS asks for both surveys to be completed and returned by December 15th.