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Tips to keep COVID at bay during harvest

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The last thing anyone needs is to get sick. It is even more of an inconvenience if it happens during the harvest season. COVID is something that many of us have long since tired of hearing about, but there is still a risk of catching it or the DELTA variant. With long recovery times being a possibility, it is wise to just take a precaution or two to make sure everyone stays healthy.

Dr. Tyler Clay is an internal medicine/clinical pharmacy specialist and clinical assistant professor at Marshall University. He says being vaccinated is still the best way to combat the disease, and it doesn’t take very long to do.

Clay adds that by getting yourself vaccinated, you are helping to protect those who have not been cleared to get the vaccine, such as children under 12 years old.

The Delta Variant is proving to be the most contagious yet.

Now, it is known that there are people that are skeptical about getting the vaccine. Dr. Clay talks about the concern that the vaccines were developed too quickly. He assures us that this was accomplished more by cutting red tape than by cutting corners.

Dr. Clay says any and all side effects are being closely monitored.

To learn more about your options, and the vaccines available, you can visit vaccines.gov.